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Maureen Arink

Maureen Arink
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SKIM conducted UK study about tobacco buying behavior for Philip Morris International

SKIM recently conducted a study about tobacco buying behavior for Philip Morris International among smokers in the United Kingdom. The findings from the study, revealed how consumers purchasing decision was affected by the implementation of standardized packaging of tobacco products.

About Philip Morris International and SKIM

As the UK is contemplating the implementation of standardized packaging of tobacco products, Phillip Morris asked SKIM to help them to evaluate the impact of the introduction of standardized packaging for tobacco products on the UK legal and illegal market. The Choice Based Conjoint methodology allowed SKIM to simulate scenarios in order to assess the willingness of consumers to purchase packs from the black market in a standardized packaging scenario.

About the survey

The survey was conducted online among 637 men and women smokers that use mainly menthol cigarettes from all regions of the United Kingdom. The participants were given the possibility to shop from “a virtual shelf” where legal, as well as illicit, packs were available. This method, Choice Based Conjoint, also known as Discrete Choice Modeling (DCM), looks at choices instead of rankings because choices are considered to be more life-like. It requires research participants to make a series of trade-offs by indicating their preferences within a controlled set of potential valuations of individual elements making up the product or service – e.g. brands, package, price, or trade channel.

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